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Sell Ozark Tackle (Direct Selling)

What is direct selling?

Direct selling is the sale of products or services directly to customers away from a store
or other retail location. A direct-sale business allows you to connect with customers one
on one,in groups,through online catalog sales or by phone. People in the direct -selling
industry are often known as independent consultants,distributors or representatives.

Is direct selling for me?

A direct-selling business is a excellent option for men and women of all ages and
income levels. Direct selling for Ozark Tackle is an especially attractive opportunity for
people who fish and want to make money to cover cost of participating in this fast
growing sport,and who:
_ Have an entrepreneurial spirit.
_ Like working with people
_ Desire a less-structured working environment.
_ Are looking to supplement their income without making a large investment.
_ Want an opportunity to earn unlimited income.

How do I get started?  Either:

_ Send us a email or
_ Call us direct @ 314-960-1134 and request an application.


You can start your Ozark Tackle business today for only $ 49.95!

For $49.95 you will receive bait and tackle valued at $100.00 retail to assist you in selling
along with:

_Ozark Tackle full-color brochures.
_ Order forms.
_Valuable selling tips.
_Important information to drive both individual and commercial sales (at retail Outlets)

For your protection and ours, all money transactions are done through PayPal.

To learn more about this exceptional opportunity,call or email Ozark Tackle today.

Thank You for your interest in Ozark Tackle. We look forward to having you on our