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Dennis and Kurt Kertz catch a limit at Pomme De Terre Lake
Ozark Tackle Stick-M and Showme Hog were baits of choice.
comments = Holy cow! I was low on senkos and stopped by Denny Dennis on
Friday afternoon and noticed-bought 3-4 bags of your Stick-Ms. I used them
Saturday in our Club Tournament on Saturday and won easily throwing the
black with blue flake weightless - wacky style. They are softer with better action
than Yammamoto's. We even have one guy in the club who just about fishes
senkos exclusively (he's impossible to beat if there is any kind of senko bite at
all) and your baits beat him hands down.
                                   Lee Muschler
Chris caught a 9 pound on ozark tackle tube
Justin caught a 8 Grey Hawk Lake on
Ozark tackle Tube
Ozark Tackle's 3/8 oz. Pumpkinseed
Orange Football Jig
Ozark Tackle's 3/8 oz. Pumpkinseed
Orange Football Jig